Read & Spell Write Tutoring

Welcome to Read & Spell Write Tutoring!  

My name is Candace Gipson and I have been a tutor for more than a decade.

Whether you are wanting you or your child to catch up on some reading, spelling or writing skills or you have concerns about dyslexia or other struggles, you're in the right place! I learned an important lesson by helping my own children who were struggling readers before becoming a tutor.  Our kids aren't limited by a diagnosis or what the school tells us.  They will rise as much as we believe they are capable of achieving.

With me you will get:

  • Individualized lessons for each student.
  • A lot of reading, some programs want you to be perfect at spelling before they focus on reading. We work on both at the same time.
  • You will see progess! And progress always increases confidence!

Lessons include:  

  • Strategies to read and spell multi syllable words.  
  • Writing at the word level, sentence level, paragraph level, and often multi paragraph level.  
  • Reading books my students choose. 
  • Noticing patterns (different spellings of the same sound, different sounds represented by the same spelling, prefixes, suffixes, etc.)

I mainly use Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction(EBLI). Contact me and let's discuss whether EBLI might be a good fit for you or your child. I am also well versed in the Barton Lessons and other tutoring programs.