Read & Spell Write Tutoring


Sessions last 50 minutes and are held via Zoom.  Students will need a laptop, desktop, or tablet, a large whiteboard (12X18 or 11x16) markers, and a whiteboard eraser.  Although these won't be used every lesson, they will also need lined paper and a pencil and pen.  Students need a quiet, distraction free environment.  This is so important! 

Contact Hours

Students need to commit to at least 1 hour of tutoring per week.  Additional hours will speed up results.  No more than 2 consecutive weeks can be missed, this includes during the summer.  Students need the consistency to build on previously learned concepts.  


Invoices will be sent through Tutorbird on the first of each month.  Payment is expected upon receipt of the invoice.  Charges are calculated according to the number of sessions that will be held during that month.  (For example, if there are 5 Mondays in April you will be charged for 5 lessons.  If you let me know before the invoice is sent that you will be missing a lesson, I can invoice accordingly.)  If weekly or bimonthly billing would work better for you, talk to me and we'll work something out. 

Late Arrival

I will wait for 15 minutes once your session starts.   After 15 minutes the session will be considered missed.   No adjustment to fees or  time will be made if the student is late or leaves early.

Canceled or Missed Lessons  

There are no refunds for missed or canceled lessons.  A make-up session will be offered if at least 2 hours notice is given.  The make-up session  must be scheduled within 2 weeks or it will be forfeited.  In the rare event that I have to cancel, you may choose if you want a make-up session or a refund. A lesson is considered canceled if at least 2 hours notice is given.  A lesson is considered missed if less than 2 hours, or no notice, is given.  (If you miss a lesson due to an emergency please talk to me.)