Read & Spell Write Tutoring

 "I started seeing improvement in my son's confidence, reading, and spelling very shortly after he began working with Candace. He takes initiative to read now, and doesn't shy away from spelling like he did the past. Candace has also been a huge support in talking me through what to work with him on in between tutoring sessions, and is even willing to answer questions I have about my other kids' reading skills. She's helped us take the stress out of language arts and I can't recommend her enough!" 

 Meghan in Texas

"It only first really hit home that my 8 year old couldn't write or spell last year when his writing assignment came back home with him from school looking like complete gibberish. I've always known he has great trouble reading even simple words like cat or dog but trusted in his school to address these issues. Foolish me. Their attitude was, "don't worry he'll get there", when he obviously wasn't getting anywhere. I started researching ways to help him and after talking to a number of dyslexia tutors in traditional methods, that failed to inspire me and were talking about years of intensive remedial work, I ran across a video by Nora from EBLI. As soon as I saw it it made sense to me and I showed it to my son. It was like a light went off in his eyes, "Ok I get that Dad!" I looked for an online tutor trained in the EBLI method and made contact with Candace Gipson. 6 months later he got 10/10 in his weekly school spelling test. Previously his scores had been a stream of 0s and 1s. But over the last few weeks his scores had started improving rapidly. He still has exactly the same problems as when he started but Candace, with great love and patience, taught him to use the EBLI tools and it has changed his life. He has made unbelievable progress during his time with Candace. My son adores her and tells me how she understands how to teach him when no one else does. Thanks Candace, you're a star! You will always have a special place in our hearts." 

Stephen and Andy  -Thailand

"Ms. Candace has been amazing with our dyslexic kiddos! Her patient approach and personalized teaching make learning fun and effective. We’re beyond grateful for her dedication and expertise in helping our children thrive."  

Veronica in Nebraska

"I am so grateful for your approach that is helping my spelling-challenged child learn!  He appreciates the way you ask about which words were hard to spell from the previous week and he likes that he doesn't feel rushed as you teach.  I love the convenience of a Zoom class, I love that you genuinely care about the students, and I love the small group environment.  You have filled a hole in our homeschool.  Spelling has been hard for me to teach because spelling came so naturally to me I never learned the 'whys' behind it."  

Natalie in Utah 

"Candace has been so kind to offer spelling help to my struggling teen!  It has been so encouraging for her to meet with other teens who have trouble in this area and know she is not alone.  Abby looks forward to meeting each week and has noticed a difference in how she spells words.  I know spelling might be a thorn in her side for the rest of her life, but Candace has helped build some confidence in that area and has built some skills she will keep for life." 

Beth in Utah

"I am writing this in hopes to encourage any parent that is questioning the value of tutoring with Candace.  Candace has so much experience with dyslexia.  She has helped our son become a confident reader.  She is patient, kind, and caring. Candace meets kids where they are at and moves them to the next level.  She cares so much about her students and wants nothing but the best for them." 

Stephanie in New York