Read & Spell Write Tutoring

How much does tutoring cost?   

Tutoring costs $45 per 50 minute private lesson.  Classes are $20 per student for a 50 minute class. Reach out to me, I sometimes offer discounts or have specials running.  

Who do you tutor?  

I work with all ages and all diagnosis.  While most of my experience is with dyslexic kids between 7-17, Kids as young as 5 and adults are also welcome.  I am comfortable working with anyone who wants to improve reading, spelling and writing, I have children of my own,  some who are diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia,  ASD, PDA, ADHD, TBI, anxiety, depression, and DMDD.  I have worked with kids with various other diagnosis as well.  A diagnosis is information, not a limitation. 

What can I do to support my child outside of lessons?  

Encourage a love of reading!  Read together, read as a family, and let your kids see you reading or listening to an audiobook.  Take lots of trips to the library even if your child will never read the books they bring home.  Audiobooks are a fantastic way to improve vocabulary and foster a love of books. I will give you individualized ideas for writing as your child progresses.


EBLI has so many advantages!  Three of my favorite are 1- it allows lessons to be individualized, kids can learn using their favorite topics, 2-reading is not held back by spelling (Reading improves much faster than spelling.  Some programs require mastery of spelling and reading before progressing to new concepts.), 3- and progress starts to happen very quickly which increases confidence.  

What will a lesson look like?  

We learn strategies to read and spell multi syllable words.  We practice writing at the word level, sentence level, paragraph level, and often multi paragraph level.  We read books that the kids choose. We notice patterns that improve both reading and spelling.  Sometimes these patterns include different spellings of the same sound, different sounds represented by the same spelling, prefixes, suffixes, etc.