Read & Spell Write Tutoring

As the Mom of 2 dyslexic kids I know how discouraging and scary it feels when our kids are struggling and nothing we try seems to help. Schools are well intentioned but they don't always know how to help. 

I took both of my kids through the Barton Reading and Spelling System and to quote my daughter, "It (Barton) was the single most important thing for my education!"  I was 100% committed to Barton and Barton alone.  

Recently,  I have watched a couple of my students struggle with the amount of memorization required and for the first time I realized that maybe this program wasn't the best fit for everyone.  It was working for these kids but reading shouldn't be this hard and slow. I want them to be functional readers who enjoy it!

The research suggests that a speech to print program, such as EBLI, might be the solution for these kids. I am now an EBLI certified tutor.  EBLI is everything I felt was lacking when I taught my own children.  It is highly customizable and encourages kids to read anything they are interested in from the start.  EBLI can take months whereas other programs can take years.  

EBLI works for kids with struggles that would exclude them from other programs. (For example, there is no minimum IQ. ASD, ADHD, and dysgraphia are all accommodated naturally,  and while things like auditory processing disorder still need to be addressed, it does not exclude a person from learning to read with EBLI.)